Trend Universal Hinged Knee

Ideal brace for patients with mild to moderate ligament/joint pain and sprain/strains. This highly patient compliant knee brace was built for optimal support and patient comfort. The DCT-1820U features lightweight free motion aluminum hinges that give the user the support they need without sacrificing comfort. This brace uses an advanced fabric that makes it extremely lightweight and breathable. The fabric also incorporates. Moisture wicking design to keep the area cool at all times. The straps on the brace also have a rubber tab at each end making it easier for patients to don and doff. This brace is not only extremely supportive and patient compliant but also has a cool design that patients won’t mind wearing. All this in a universal design.

SKU: DCT-1820U Category:
Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1.5 in



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